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We offer Strategic, Brand,
Marketing, Sales & Property
Development Consulting.


Our Services: We offer strategic, brand, marketing, sales and property development consulting

Avantport consultancy services is divided into six areas. These are designed to enhance setting, creating, executing and achieving your business growth goals. Our purpose is to deliver the best result from your investments by concentrating on doing the decisive things in the best way possible. From creating a great strategy to training exceptional sales personnel, you can surely count on us to satisfy whatever your business needs.

Strategy and Plans

After listening to all your goals and ambitions, we craft a custom business strategy and marketing plans that will help you accomplish them. We will also guide you taking all the steps you need to get the results you are looking for.

Our vast experience lets us find the best plan of action that will get you first-rate results at minimum expenditure. Rest assured, we will help you save both time and money.

Once the strategy is established, we will walk you through all the plans and steps you require. We will also recommend you the best practices and processes to go along with it to deliver quality results. We will assist you every step of the way.

Here are some types of strategies we can help you with:

  •   Company Strategy
  •   Brand Strategy
  •   Portfolio Strategy
  •   Market Strategy
  •   Segmentation Strategy
  •   Messaging Strategy
  •   Market Entrance Strategy

Our plans include:

  •   Marketing content plans
  •   Skill development plans
  •   Competitive attack plans
  •   Customer retention plans
  •   Operational plans

How We Can Help?

We tackle your growth problems and apply validated strategies and methods to solve them. From consultation to consummation. We can improve your company’s productivity with the appropriate strategies and marketing practices. After years of working in these industries, we know firsthand what will work and what won’t. We can point out your primary business goals, select the decisive approach and carry it out until its completion.

Avantport can help you:

  • Set and achieve your growth goals by doing the decisive things in the best way possible.
  • Apply knowledge and skills to design and carry out the appropriate strategical decisions
  • Make sure plans are funded by the client, Avantport or our partners
  • Increase production and profitability with the best approaches

Development and Properties

Development is crucial here at Avantport, and is a natural fit with the work we do across the full property lifecycle.

We are, ultimately, a development business. Our job includes deal sourcing, land acquisition, ensuring planning, funding a project and assembling knowledgeable and experienced teams capable of providing stable finances and consistent double digit investor performance.

We have managed to build a network of competent local consultants and market specialists that offer a clear point of view on market probability.

Furthermore, we enjoy a partnership with landowners in private and public sectors across the UK.


Since the company originated, our mission was to offer a distinctive approach to consultancy. Not only are we known for our professionalism and competence, we are one hundred percent committed to satisfying our clients’ needs. All of our staff is on top of each and every single task, and our board and senior management team are natural leaders, and go the extra mile to make our clients’ dreams come true.

As Avantport expands its horizons across the globe, we also supervise work for world-renowned companies in private and public sectors alike. We are also in control of some of the largest infrastructure-led regeneration programmes, which aid in developing cities worldwide.

Custom-made Solutions

Every case that clients present is particular to them, and therefore, every project and strategy needs a specific approach that suits their needs. All the solutions we present are tailor-made to address the unique problems a business may present, and they are designed after a careful study of said issues.

Our technical and financial capacity as well as our ample experience will ensure the client innovative and visionary solutions.

We work professionally and are fully committed with our clients and the strategies we use to resolve their business problems, maintaining a clear channel of communication with them, visiting their business and overseeing the execution of the strategies or doing an external consultation in our offices. One way or another, you can rest assured that we will put in all our efforts into obtaining quality results.

Avantport offers its full facilities management services for companies all across the globe, managing your property so you can focus on the crucial points of your business.

What Do We Offer?

We inspect various locations on behalf of our clients- these could be offices, a building complex or open areas. We can either act as an intermediary party or the main contractor, we work around the client’s needs and wants, assuring great quality for a fair cost.

About Us

Our History

Avantport was established years ago, committed to deliver the best business results for all of our clients. We understood that the best way to accomplish this was to be aware of the clients’ requirements and challenges, and to respond as efficiently as possible to them.

We put all our efforts into getting to know our client’s company, and soak up all the information we can. We know how to ask the right questions so we can come up with the best solutions and new ideas to implement.

We put all our trust in the people that work with us to design, develop and execute the best and most exclusive strategies and plans for all our clients, and accompany them every step of the way, until the end.

Our People

For us, the key to Avantport’s success is our staff and collaborators, which are valued not only by the company, but also by our clients as well.
Their professionalism, commitment and quality is always mentioned during our feedback process, and clients are more than happy to return whenever it is needed.


We are acquiring and renovating properties across London. We keep an eye on potential properties across London that has great potential. Below are a few of our complete projects.

87 Bruce Grove

Bruce Grove

GCAVENT 88 Bruce Grove - Rear -Original

Bruce Grove 2 Bedroom Flat

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